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Lookbook: Discover the new luxury collection from Ophelia Crossland (Ghana)

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The Ophelia Crossland brand is synonymous with elegance, sultry flair and extravagant drama! This household name in the fashion industry has made its mark as the go to brand for elaborate designs and styling.

The Ophelia Crossland Design Ltd. is a Ghanaian luxury womenswear brand synonymous with elegance, sultry flair and extravagant drama.
This household name in the fashion industry has made its mark as the go to brand for elaborate designs and styling.

It was a step in the right direction when Ophelia Crossland, the creative director of the brand, was made the brand ambassador for Swarovski.

This was the beginning of a perfect match made in fashion heaven – influencing exquisite fashion masterpieces from the collaborative forces of both brands.

Today the Ophelia Crossland brand stands as a renowned luxury brand and is a testament to the owner’s eclectic style, attention to detail and love for designing.

Ophelia Crossland is the recipient of many fashion awards and accolades with several features
in magazines, television shows and radio.

Shop the latest RADIANT Collection online at https://opheliacrosslandgh.com/

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