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Jehu Ndoumi, Chairman Of Net Oil Group Sa & Ceo At Yunus Sa, To Serve As Honorary Chair At 5th Annual Tropics Business Summit To Be Held October 12-16, 2021

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Johannesburg, South Africa (September 27, 2021) — Jehu Ndoumi, oil, and gas investor and one of Africa’s most respected and successful businessmen, will appear at the 5th Annual Tropics Business Summit (TBS) and share his expertise on the transition to the circular economy and the creation of financial bridges between Africa and the rest of the world.  He will also discuss the investment opportunities his company, Yunus Cameroon is developing for a better development of African SMEs for the benefit of local and regional economies, and give a retrospective look on a year marked by challenges.  This year’s Summit will be held via livestream from October 12-16, 2021, on the Tropic Business Summit Facebook and YouTube pages respectively.

TBS and Yunus Cameroon will sign a partnership agreement to accelerate innovation throughout sub-Saharan Africa through the Tropics Startups Incubator and Tropics Women in Business (TWiB) Accelerator, where TBS will handpick the viable projects that Yunus will consider for funding.  

Ndoumi, known for his philanthropic efforts and drive to make Africa a destination of choice for business, has numerous interests in other industries.  He is a Partner-Member of the Management Committee of the London-based VYZYO Group which specializes in FinTech/InsurTech, VAS and Contact Centers, ranked best European FINTECH 2020 in March 2020.  He is also author of the book Practice of Economic Modelling and Forecasting: Fundamental Econometric Methods and Tools, published in May 2020 by European universities. 

Jehu serves as chairman of Netoil, an international oil and energy company whose properties include, Netoil Group SA (Douala), Netoil Group Investment SAS (Paris); Netoil Energy Ltd., (London); and Dakar PetroCaz (Senegal.  He is also Managing Director of Ypres Equity NV, an investment service company (Belgium); Managing Partner of Atlas Invest Canada (Canada); and representative for Central Africa of the African Energy Institute (IAE), based in Dakar, Senegal.

A promoter of the “social inclusion” solution called Yunus-Micro Assurance/Crédit built around the VYZYO FinTech platform and intended for the informal layer of African populations, he is certified in structured finance, financial engineering, and specializes in investment in unlisted and financial Risk Management. 

Jehu is a member of several professional organizations in the energy sector namely, Association for the Development of Energy in Africa (ADEA) and Association of Petroleum Consultants of France (ACP), both based in Paris; Director of Economic Intelligence and Strategy of the African Center for Research on Energy

and Mining Policies (CARPEM), based in France and Managing Director for Africa of the Slovakia, Africa, and Arab Chamber of Commerce (SAAOK), based in Slovakia and Turkey.

The Tropics Business Summit is considered one of South Africa’s most important annual events bringing together African investors and direct foreign investment. The Summit has become one of the most important investment channels in Africa and throughout the diaspora. With the support of international sponsors and partners, entirely focused on stimulating intra-African trade and bringing in investment partners focused on the African continent, the continuing financial gap between the English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Arabic speaking markets can be bridged.

Register for the Tropics Business Summit at. https://TropicsBusinessSummit.com or via  https://facebook.com/TropicsBusinessSummit  Follow our official hashtags on social networks #TropicsBusinessSummit #TropicsSummit and  #TropicsSummitFromHome

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