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Tropics Excursionist: Que faire à l’Ile de Sal, Cap Vert?

C'est un archipel au large de Dakar, à 500 kilomètres des côtes, qui cultive farouchement son originalité. Sa meilleure ambassadrice, la chanteuse Cesaria Evora a chanté ces îles dans ses mornas et ses sodades. L'une d'entre elle, Sal, sans doute la plus accessible au voyageur occidental, vous fera entrer dans ce monde de beauté et de chaleur humaine.

DAAR Living, an interior styling firm Made in Africa for the world

DAAR Living is an interior styling firm for the 'African of the World and the World in love with Africa'

AAKS, a bespoke range of eclectic handcrafted bags made in Ghana

A A K S was established in 2014 after seeing a gap in the market of beautifully handcrafted woven bags, the brands core values can be summed as critical attention to craftsmanship, authenticity and ethical values in their production while having a strong sense of identity and quality

Est-ce grave de dormir avec du maquillage?

Se démaquiller permet d’éliminer toute trace de pollution, de sueur et de peaux mortes, accumulées au cours de la journée. Qu'arrive-t-il à votre peau si vous sombrez dans les bras de Morphée avant cette étape fatidique ? 

Lookbook: Discover the new luxury collection from Ophelia Crossland (Ghana)

The Ophelia Crossland brand is synonymous with elegance, sultry flair and extravagant drama! This household name in the fashion industry has made its mark as the go to brand for elaborate designs and styling.

Tropics Designers Spotlight: Ade Bakare Couture (London)

Ade Bakare Couture is a line of modern beautifully made stylish clothes that have an international look with a unique African influence, the collection is designed by the couturier twice a year, summer and winter ranges.

ADJOAA, your premium marketplace for African Fashion 

ADJOAA is a curated multi-brand online marketplace for premium sustainable fashion and lifestyle brands by African and black diaspora designers. ADJOAA is founded with an enterprising spirit and a visionary objective: to spotlight and elevate designers of African descent, grow community and drive social change

Fashion and Sustainability: Why now is the right time

Climate change, and the escalating impact of rising temperatures, is the main sustainability challenge we face in our generation. We need to adapt our cities and their infrastructure for extreme events such as these floods, and for gradual changes, such as sea level rise and altered weather patterns.

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